Dr Katherine Phelps on activism and free software in creative media

Dr Katherine Phelps

Dr Katherine PhelpsHey Free Software Advocates,

If you in Melbourne this Thursday be sure to check out this talk from Dr Katherine Phelps. It sounds like a real hoot. I wish I could be there. If someone’s got a sound recording please grab some sound for me ;D

Dr H.

Here are the deets from Free Software Melbourne:

Thursday 15 October, 6-8pm (followed by dinner at nearby restaurant)
VPAC Head Office Training Room
Level 1, Building 91, 110 Victoria Street
Map: http://osm.org/go/uG4HZ6JiV?m
Running late or locked out? Call Scott on 0438 125 225.

Dr Katherine Phelps is the author of Surf’s Up: Internet Australian
Style published by Reed Books and distributed by Random House. She
taught storytelling for computer game design for seven years at both
RMIT and Victoria University. She is a lifetime member of Electronic
Frontiers Australia and has been using Linux since 1994.

For the last five years Phelps has been producing comedy shows for both
Melbourne Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe relying heavily on free
software and share community resources. For the last three years she has
been running events for UN International Day of Peace. Currently, she is
founding a scholar owned cooperative university, where students,
lecturers, and researchers share ownership of their institution.

Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad

Hey there!

Have you ever wanted to just quickly type out a few short ideas. Not necessarily to have to save for later but just to get down on pad, or screen? Well, inspired by an article from Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga I had a little play and made myself a simple, distraction free place at: https://starlifterdigital.com/scratchpad.html.

Feel free to use it for all those little moments of inspiration.


I ♥ Free Software – Valentine’s Day 2013

I ♥ Free Software - Valentine's Day 2013

I ♥ Free Software - Valentine's Day 2013

Hey Freedom Lovers,

I love Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS). If you do too why not let others know about it today 😀

Check out the Free Software Foundation Europe page for ways to celebrate this lovely day. And if you’d like to know more about what Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is visit the official page.

Benet aka Dr Hitchcock.